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A situation has surfaced in the world again in that the warning signs must be taken seriously. Everything depends on the people and all of them are able to act in order to the fulfilment of the forecasted events. Everyone’s duty bound to do his best due according to his possibilities, connections, and knowledge. Messages have been channelled by mediums for long time all around the world. Lots of things have already come true. These well-intentioned prophecies should not be taken lightly. It is about our existence.

If only the spiritual messages written in the book of „Q” would not remain idol words! I have been mediating the words of the spiritual world by various media since 1990. What I have told, all became true, but I still haven’t realized any effect. People act as if they haven’t even heard it, as if it has never ever happened.
The book of „Q” has been published in order to give a chance for avoiding the forthcoming events. If the people don’t grab the lifeline, and don’t follow and consider the advice taught by the spiritual world, the future will be as bleak as described in the messages.

My professional experience has shown me that people are preoccupied solely with their own fortune, and I’m just wasting my breath trying to draw their attention to other messages. They try to make different excuses for shifting the responsibility. There are some, who find the book hard to read; the majority question, what can man do alone; others think, that we cannot face up to the written fate. Though, as the Heavenly messages say, there is a lifeline, and our future only depends on the people’s attitude and deeds. Human beings follow their free will, create things with or despite the supporting, clear guideline of fate – we tend to forget about it so many times!
Due to my experiences people do not even try to think about the things around them, not to look ahead, they only nourish themselves with light, novel and tale-like, prepacked nutriments. It is not enough to accept and learn from others’ practical and theoretical knowledge, then think that only from this the esoteric spiritual world will open the gates. It won’t open by itself! Man should become an informed dilettante, but never gains real knowledge. That might be available and deserved only by hard work, patience, learning and philosophising. The book of „Q” is able to give this kind of education, if somebody’s disposed to spending time dealing with it, I know, it will be very beneficial. I myself took my own course without sparing time and pains. It is really true, not a thesis, not a literally composition, not sophistication, not a creature of fantasy – it is the pure truth, heavenly message without explanation or interpretation, teaching and prophecy noted down in real spiritual language.
Many people think – also here in Hungary – that we are distanced from the world’s events, wars, and the area of catastrophes. We don’t empathize with other people’s tragedy, difficulties, as always in our history. We faced them irresponsibly and insensitively, and we made bad decisions but in the end the sting was also in our tail. In our world it is a fantasy that we can distance ourselves from anything that lays outside of our life and environment. Every time every way everything has an effect on us. People are not aware of the danger – they behave like children. But things happen, one after another. Nowadays with high technical support distance is not an issue. We forgot about Chernobyl; even though it was not on our doorstep, it had an effect on both us and other countries. We still can feel its impact to this day.

The messages warn us that if people do not consider others and the future enough, they can cause such situation whereby nuclear war can jeopardize the mankind.
Many people fear of the bad news instead of doing something to avoid it.
I would like to ask you, each and everyone of you, to read this book thoughtfully – with heart and soul, the messages, teachings, forecasts will help us to find the best solution together that makes us capable of giving birth to a better and brighter future, and a true world, and avoid the potentially irreversible catastrophe.


Messages (details)

January 1st, 1999.
purpose wrote on sun
with it there legion
relieves answer
for them no prop
in trail of Sahan

tells hard times, the sky
heavy onus for a time
accountable in purpose
all men
if its soul doesn’t find
sign of our great gratitude
terrible attack cometh
force of great fire still

Sahan the Belt, points of o, sacred places (spiritual information) 2. Could be Somalia?

January 4th, 1999.

in Mecca will
appear great fire
sea people
ancient spiritual men people
nomad genetics’
saver, further
spiritual people
rattles in its view
its folk tornado brings hot
will start out soon
attack of present time

song cannot be weak
beacuse ancient great three people
proper further being
would not be
if fire browbeater
oedema in ecology
sun appears from burning
of measured great fight
people’s fire shedder
straw saver
nomad genetics’ graveyard
sparse will be saved
sea people perishing
there draws more blood
cannot live in bed row
of gained guests of legends
great down zone
tainted ancient measure

men (orig. maeny) horseman, stud, stallion

January 6th, 1999.

see yahah story of heaven is direful
thread Om people in present of Nyak
still composes in present of idiots
develops great war
appears by sea people
in summer labeled attacker
foretold menace of archipelago
written flagellized town
in its dream still shows its attack

yahah (orig. jéha)
Om (orig. Öm) fermentation of five countries
Nyak (orig. Nyék) – ancient Hungarian Chieftain

January 17th, 1999.

sun he in colony
some days in old split
in earth material
like with it steam
fire will be further
great down appearance
Afganistan all
that is great lava
swooning attack
that other free considers

ratty Pentagon
presses like shelter
but important tranquillity
breams Yemen
Pakistani attitude
business consideration

ancient quality showing
not true establisher
could be experienced last year
intention is there
and Yin
she is irreparable
writes story
tolerance breaks
will be important heroic great
let it be by summer
its will
what its folk exhibition
war will start after that

visitor help
yankee great cover
see irony showing
what not for him
comes attack ooz pattern
wrote what coming down instruction
showing thread of stream
gibbets great facade

to bring pain again
to her starts last year
big marooning pledge
now malaria in China
appears to swallow
cop on erupts for her

water not liana print
not exultant home
if human
great down pattern
cannot be old
showing sacred world
worked-on body
great human teaching
secret notable
spiritual great larra
heavenly information for
if beckons Hungarian of ancient like
moth’s life in Himalaya
brought out
see harming words
without print for its word
appears swallow

Yin in Chinese metaphysical concept, yin and yang are two primal opposing elements of the universe. Yin: associates with the dark Moon (facing away from Sun), representing feminine nature.
ooz (orig. úz - pattern, Turkish)
. various tribes of onogours who settled during the early Mediavals in Hungary 2. Turkish language of these tribes
cop on (orig. kop on) pakistani hot opan attitude
liana (orig. lyan) heavenly thought, thought commanded by heaven
print emanate memory, bearing pure norms (spiritual information)
larra written heavenly thought, news

24th January, 1999.

changing polar in summer
still turning polar
belt shows away in summer
by her all that is ice melts
whirlwind brooks by yankee people
wind leads size
water starts in tons
ancient peril starts on people

27th March, 1999.

camp ancient melafactor
old and kurd
roots of light people starts
and notable
protestation of organizations
non-supporting ack of

will be real haad
gemini is starting advice
life ruiner
water covers
if crippling
them groan of war
trust yankee

haad (orig. hád) could be connected to Hades (Greek) 1. the king of netherworld 2. netherworld
gemini lat., the twins is one of the constellations of the zodiac


General messages

January 3rd, 1999.

world few time to do
will no pain be
what lays on people
on the world, of money
perish scribed from time

forebear of palace tells
no money
to save human world
in quality of other knowledge
all is different
in teaching of ancient heavenly judge
law of sacred ancient big lyre
already in all

all from old master
have to get to know
in big lower pattern
all is inside
measured old quality
of heavenly soul
showing spirituality
shown sacred ancient people
thanks its forebear
words said to them
from present to future
will heal from there
world of oedema

forebear of palace: heavenly royal sovereign soul (spiritual information)

January 24th, 1999.

zest order important soul down
opinion is not heavenly virtue
not transmitting gene
norm of universal
deeds’ showing tournam’
get moving retriever
nation saver
knowledge bearer teaching spiritual force

zest 1. soul, light and blessed clarity by God (Sumerian/Mahgar) 2. clue, sign (Turkish iz)

March 10th 1999.

if human quality
human great nooneness
more matters
selfishness of malefactors
getting lost all on its peak
what on shore of numerum
retaliation will be measurable
on thread of decaying tendon

numerum 1. here: ancient time 2. the fourth book of Moses, the Book of Numbers (latin Numeri)

July 30th 1999.

buying goodness
chosen headship
cannot be
since heavenly spends
this great privilege
and memento of Jerome
tainted reality removes him

Jerome Jerome is best known as the translator of the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin - his edition is the Vulgate.

(Translated by Daniel Molnar)